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Discord Connector Configuration ‚Äč

DiscordConnector uses multiple configuration files to make find the setting you want to change faster, and hopefully easier. Since 2.1.0, DiscordConnector puts all its config files into a single directory: BePinEx/config/games.nwest.valheim.discordconnector directory. The configuration is divided into the following files:

Configuration FileDetailsPurpose
discordconnector.cfgDetailsMaster settings, including the main webhook and turning settings on or off globally
discordconnector-messages.cfgDetailsThe messages used/chosen from when DiscordConnector sends messages to Discord
discordconnector-toggles.cfgDetailsUsed to turn individual notifications and/or their included extra details on or off.
discordconnector-variables.cfgDetailsUsed to assign strings to variables which can be referenced any messages
discordconnector-leaderBoards.cfgDetailsDefine custom leader boards to be periodically sent to Discord

The directory also has these files:

config-debug.jsonA dump of your DiscordConnector configuration as JSON (the webhook info is redacted)
records.dbThe LiteDB database used by DiscordConnector to track players joining/leaving/dying/pinging/etc